me: *is high*
my inner monologue: be bo... ba be bi bo bu. bo bu? bogos binted?

Why did they call it a Wii U and not a 1080p Wii

me: hey what is h3o
google: hydronium
me: haha nice imagine if we could drink this
google: you are ALWAYS drinking it

the binary trans identities are kinda like kanto pokemon in that lots of people know them and it's totally valid for them to be your favorite, but some people won't shut up about how there are too many pokemon these days and they're ignoring a lot of innovation the later gens have brought

Ah oui les ordres de la légion d’honneur... la rose... saint hubert... DOUBLE DRAGON....
Go avoir la légion d’honneur ordre de Streets of Rage

you: half life 3
me, an intellectual: tekken x street fighter

Cowards, remake Luigi's Mansion for the PC. With Nvidia RTX.

jelle’s marble runs usually: this is a fun sporting event

jmr on halloween: the marbles straight up fucking die

spooky story time

when i was a kid i was afraid video games would say "life over" instead of "game over" and i would die instantly


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