i want a shogi game that feels like nintendogs. i will not elaborate

this is the 😶 emoji in the old Messenger emoji set. it looks like some sort of potato

slur (?) 

"the homos" but as an american major league sports team name

minor gripe literally nobody cares about: I hate it when chat apps that sanitize user input replace non-breaking spaces and narrow non-breaking spaces by regular spaces

oh yeah when I was in vacation out of curiosity I smoked some strawberry flavored green tea and I never smoked anything that TASTED this good

great substitute to tobacco for spliffs imo

yeah, shoving a pipe screen in there seems to fix that issue, but then I can load considerably less weed in the thing

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after a month of use I can say I’m not happy with the quantity of ash this thing is making me inhale, and I’m using it very gently

It really needs a screen that you could position on top of the atomizer

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j’ose même pas évoquer l’idée de néo-pronoms aux francophones though

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je suis plus non-binaire en anglais qu’en français et ça c’est dommage

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