Begging twitch if I _have_ to see ads make it not be for horror movies

Thoughts like oh this bus line doesn't exist anymore. This restaurant changed twice. I haven't spoken to this person in six years. I wonder who lives in my previous apartment. I wonder how many of my teachers are left in my high school. If they still use the old dusty dorms

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It's not a really positive feeling I'm mostly having an existential crisis lol but it's not too bad

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Developed a fixation lately for examining the last 10 years of my life. Everything happened so fast, life sped up as soon as I wasn't a kid anymore. Idk how to deal with the emotions

one day ill feel super nostalgic for telegram or even * gaspsβ€―!!!! * disocrd

I’m so glad DALL-E 2 just retroactively gave everybody their entire generation history. I had cleared mine once, not knowing that if you hadn’t favorited results they would be deleted, but not anymore

AI generated art 

prompt: picture of a hourglass full of mac and cheese

no matter how old I’ll get I’ll still be born after Super Mario 64 and that makes me a little baby

8AM breakfast kebab

(reheated from an order last night

was sick all day yesterday, barely ate anything)

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