type of guy who puts googly eyes on everything just for fun

Here’s the most recent iteration βˆ’ this time I made it in a vector format, and @dzuk helped me achieve better visual balance and overall execution. I’m really proud of it uwu

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damn dorb is vtubing too now. I suppose vinesauce has 2 vtubers

Lol look at the time on my microwave. It's funny because it's the year we're in

if you wanted to do it on live action you need a depth map and for video it would need to be changing constantly. maybe today while shooting we could get a depth map automatically with some advanced AR stuff… back then probably not so much

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but the cool thing is that art made specifically for chromadepth can look good without glasses, and also it’s not really hard for things to look good incidentally with chromadepth

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I was thinking, "the 3D effect looks so good on demo images, why didn’t this take off like anaglyph glases did? Well, you could easily shoot anaglyph 3D video with two perspective, whereas if you want to do a specific perspective thing with Chromadepth, you need to use colors very specifically, and I suppose that’s not good for video, let alone live action

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you NEED to get chromadepth glasses. It’s cheap as fuck just look it up

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they should start doing devices with names that end in -o-matic again

Idk why THIS tile on my balcony just decided to be extra swampy

πŸ’­ 20 years ago if you wanted to have the internet you had to get it through your phone line. nowadays it’s the opposite, my landline connects through my fibre internet

I’ve been crying at movies more as an adult than I did as a kid and teenager

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