*tobey maguire spiderman voice* "What about that baby penguin in Mario 64's Cool, Cool Mountain? DID YOU GIVE THEM A CHANCE?"

Twenty One Pilots are criticized a lot for their simplistic approach of a catch-all style, but there's no denying that they're really good at worldbuilding with music

my bf legit got a spam mail with the subject "Do you want to PISS like a HORSE?"

the wolf of wall street
not even about a wolf

*voix de faf larage*

j'ai pas le temps

mon esprit

à pas le temps

à l'époque ou les seules personnes qui te vouvoyaient c'était les manuels de jeux nintendo

broke: pizza 4 fromages
woke: pizza 4 chaussures
bespoke: pizza 4 pizza

the new xbox be like "oops my discs fell off" smh

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