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Google Image Search does not have reverse image search, one of its main features, an Android App or a mobile site

ojourdui avec la cultur de la penser corect on orΓ© pas le droi de dire sa... Sa fai rΓ©flΓ©chire

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Jme dis les ptits zoomers de tiktok ils ont pas connu fous ta cagoule

πŸ¦† -Eh Jean-Canard, toi ici!

πŸ¦† -Wow! Quelle coin-coincidence !

me: *is high*
my inner monologue: be bo... ba be bi bo bu. bo bu? bogos binted?

me: hey what is h3o
google: hydronium
me: haha nice imagine if we could drink this
google: you are ALWAYS drinking it

the binary trans identities are kinda like kanto pokemon in that lots of people know them and it's totally valid for them to be your favorite, but some people won't shut up about how there are too many pokemon these days and they're ignoring a lot of innovation the later gens have brought

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