so i guess mastodon is ab to have influx of users because of what's happening on birdsite

i really like my @ there but wow man idk ab birdsite anymore

just wanna note ( a bit late ) that the date went well! i also went to go see the batman again with a friend! i really like this movie!

why are big events in my life always at batman movies?

i have a date on saturday
i haven't had a date in years
this is a big deal & i'm nervous

we're gonna have fun at the movies πŸŽ₯

it was fucked up i started thinking about conspiracy theories and shit but then i also was like ' i should be a sci fi writer ' it was fun

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i got super high off resin the other nite and watched some wild space documentary on yt

i kinda got swallowed up by birdsite and youtube for awhile there. hi!

i bet sephiroth has the most chaotic shower situation is a mastodon instance dedicated to highposting and content susceptible to entertain people while they are high (or not), similarly to r/woahdude. 🍍🍍🍍