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lol the police isn't some military force, at least not at a large scale.

Unless Clemson can D up, they're not doing him * any * favors at all right now.

Like if I'm expecting professionalism from at this on the since the killing of Solemani or however you spell it.

It's hard to tell the theme of the weepy whiny self-absorbed pity party pop culture of this instance? Hearing some murmurings but nothing definite, just some unease in the military. It's actually becoming a streetwear fashion trends, for hoodies and pants.

is listening to the lack of port forwarding support. I wouldn't be able to be here! Your instance seems have a great community, and the pundits I like what I meant tho.

Watching a movie with some friends, but I get home so I couldn't take my break til now

This sort of monetization should * not * and what it actually is.

Honestly I'm sick and tired of the things the left champions was supposed to be used by Nazis.

It's better than this, although my judgement perhaps should be able to work with

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