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new intro post ⁉️

hello my name is seph and i like to post about

you can find more info about me at ➥

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thread of donation links i havent seen posted here yet

if i had more time and energy i would make so many edits

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ok but pressure by bree runway actually fits rly well on the after like mv

it's a good time to remind everyone of the perfection of lilithpride

my coworker started turning the lights on and off in her truck when this started playing 😭

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being a ups preloader is just speedrunning loading a bookshelf except some of the books are huge and wont fucking fit sometimes

flip that that that that that that that digimon digimon

lil brother: cynthia is the mike tyson of pokemon

I'm short an entire paycheck due to COVID derailing my life. I need like $685 to break even still. My most urgent need though is cat litter and cat food(about $60 total). The cats aren't starving but they are eating cheap cat food and Fergus needs sensitive skin and stomach so it's not ideal, but the litter I'm totally put of 😭

If anyone can kick in a couple bucks my venmo is @badbxtch69

Thanks for reading and boosting friends! Being broke is no joke

help a black trans lesbian couple who need help staying afloat after their car was stolen:

cash/venmo: imnotbijou

(only $880/10k has been raised)

also found a bunker, its been a while since ive been in one i used to explore them all the time when i was a kid

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did a little hike while i waited for my brothers cross country meet to start, took about 40 mins to get up there and the view was nice :]

food poll 

Pickles on pizza?

Update: urgent help with food, phone, internet, storage 

The good news is: I got help with storage, for which I am deeply grateful!

The not-so-good news is: I really should put in a grocery order for tomorrow, which normally runs $120-$150 or so. But I only have $75 in food benefits left.

I hate to keep asking, but can anyone help?

Please give to a Black, Indigenous, or otherwise racially marginalized person first.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


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hello, #mutualaid , still a homeless medically fragile trans person.

I need to pay my phone/data bill. something funky has happened and it says it's $300, I think that's wrong but I know I at least need the $150 I promised. I would not mind some more for groceries if you can, but the bill's the most pressing thing, it's due end of week.

I can do sketch commissions if you like! DM me.
CashApp/Venmo $nuktibromos

thank you so much!

wow this blew up anyway i think everyone should read batgirl (2000) and stan beyooooonds

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