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oh its time 🐌

im seph, im 19, and i use he/they !
i like to post a lot about:

and lots of other stuff like weed, my ocs, and anime cuz this is a cringe only zone ✌️

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thread of donation links i havent seen posted here yet

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there are several other people on death row who can still be saved, now more than ever it is important that we are speaking out about these issues and spreading information

for anyone wondering, this song is supposed to a be a b-side for their next album which is why it has a low budget and is meant to tide fans over until the album is released 🤗

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You stand accused of having uttered the phrase, "Mommy milkers" unironically. How do you plead?

"Not cringe, your honor."

[Angry whispers erupt throughout the courtroom]

money stuff, request for help has all the ways you can help us out

our roommates are asking for even more in rent than we guaranteeably get as income monthly (and generally, not really recognizing how our disabilities work and expecting more from us than we can give in more ways than one)

we're really stressed about this, still have to buy our own food (frequently ordering delivery because we can't actually cook very often, and only recently has the freezer not been completely stuffed with food so we can get frozen stuff that's much lower effort), pay the internet bill too, and we're moving between states in March. generally a lot of a thing.

generally we're not in an amazing spot? and whether you wanna just put in money generally, or specifically point out a thing on the wishlist you want us to get with that money, we'd appreciate it.

please put on your own oxygen mask first - don't put yourself in a shitty spot because of ours.

#TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund #MutualAid

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SRSLY THO like they could drop literally anything and i would eat it up even a dance practice or a low budget vid for a bside PLSS

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now that theyre undisbanded i get to look forward to more months of silence, crumbs and no cb 😌

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you know when you eat too much candy and it makes your tongue and teeth and stomach hurt ? yeah.

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eating skittles and listening to cherry bullet this is bliss

donation post, mutual aid, death 

I’m struggling to get by. I’m behind on rent and utilities, and I still owe my roommate, who’s planning to move, for paying our shares some months ago. I mainly do postmates deliveries on my bike for extra cash. Any help is appreciated. I need to be there by Thursday for the funeral service. Please help by donating or sharing. PayPal - @ johnkill / venmo: @ killbank5 / cashapp: $killbank5

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