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sorry this page is for cringelords only if youre not a cringelord you cant follow

excuse me while i go listen to queen 50 times in a row 😌

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my onion which might change idk

queen > i cant stop me = bring it back = go hard > hell in heaven = shot clock = handle it > do what we like > up no more = believer = say something = behind the mask > depend on you

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my commissions are open! i do icons & full bodies! examples & info below!

i also do sketches for cheap on ko-fi!

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War crime, mass murder, history 

Just stumbled across a historical happening while reading about the Korean War. South Korea's first president, Syngman Rhee, had somewhere between 60,000 and 200,000 people jailed and murdered for being communist sympathizers. The US military knew about it, and there was an effort to cover it up for about 4 decades.

Link CW: Includes disturbing photos of violence and death

yeahh i feel kinda bad for red velvet and hope they dont get ignored after the new group debuts but i am kinda curious about aespa

no but kpop is so funny...the way they have trainees waiting in the wings to debut when one of the senior groups fucks up omg

just watched the new twice mv !!! honestly i think the mv was kinda cheesy at parts but the song was so cute !!! gonna listen to the rest of the album now

hey y'all, let's help shayne out! he's a Black trans man in my area who's been dealing with job discrimination and housing insecurity, and it would only take a few donations from people with tech salaries to help him reach his gofundme goal and get some stability back! please help if you can afford it!


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