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oh its time 🐌

im seph, im 19, and i use he/they !
i like to post a lot about:

and lots of other stuff like weed, my ocs, and anime cuz this is a cringe only zone ✌️

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thread of donation links i havent seen posted here yet

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there are several other people on death row who can still be saved, now more than ever it is important that we are speaking out about these issues and spreading information

I had a dream that I made an experimental twitter account and made a thread on why mastodon is better than twitter and my thread got deleted and then I got in a fight with jack about it 😭

I couldn't get any pics of the cria cuz I was too busy working in other pens, but maybe next time !!

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Pics from yesterday at the farm !! It was a beautiful day out and the mountains were lovely !

computer charger broke, new one wont arrive til monday, see yall on the other side 😩

almost wanna get lastfm pro just so i can change the pics on my top artists

obviously my blog doesnt scream epic transgenderism cringe zone enough

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my arm is kinda sore but otherwise i feel fine. i heard some people complain that the shot really hurts but i didnt feel it all so i guess it really does vary person to person

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Fedi, I once again have to ask for your help this month. ☹️
We're the 12th and my account is already empty.
I'll have to go get vaccinated Pipi tomorrow and it's going to cost us 100€.

We still haven't made any groceries for food this month because we paid all our debts. 😭

If you can help, my PayPal is

Thank you so much. ❀️


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