there are several other people on death row who can still be saved, now more than ever it is important that we are speaking out about these issues and spreading information

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rocky myers is a 53 year old man who has an intellectual disability. he was given the death penalty after being convicted only on evidence of a witness who has renounced their claims. the judge went against jury's wishes and sentenced him to death. there is no evidence tying him to the crime scene. rocky myers is going to be wrongfully executed.

keith lamar is another black man wrongfully convicted and placed on death row. his execution date is set for november 16, 2023.

pervis payne is a black man with an intellectual disability who is facing execution on April 9, 2021 after receiving a temporary reprieve of his execution, originally december 3rd, 2020.

julius jones is another black man on death row wrongfully convicted of murder.

matthew rushin, a young black man with autism, was wrongfully accused of attempted murder over a non-fatal car crash.

also: if you're non-american please dont use a fake zipcode to sign these as it can get the petition scrapped !!

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