obviously this advice can vary since sometimes the metal bar is welded on and in most cases you have to recycle ALOT of metal to make any money

for welded bars you can use battery powered saws/grinders if you have one

and for cases where they use security torx you have the break off the pin in the middle with a screwdriver to use your allen wrenches on them

@persephone a nice big hammer could work too, especially now when everything is cold and brittle

@persephone O.O gonna be looking at all the benches I see for the next month

@persephone unfortunately many of the benches in my city have that bar welded and really thick

@persephone @math_always_to_tyrants some cities install bars across the middle of benches to keep homeless people from sleeping on them. It’s fucked up

@persephone are those bars to prevent sleeping on benches? Where are such benches?

@dudenas @persephone
i don't remember the term, but it's anti-homelessness architecture; it's made to keep homeless people out of the public eye, so we don't think about them and their needs

@wendy @aradinfinity @persephone
Exactly what I suspected.
Coincidentally today I found out the name of this doctrine: CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design). It even has a real ISO standard. It starts appearing in my country too. Police promotes it as "safe neighborhood design", runs workshops for urban designers.

And thanks for sharing the research by 99%i, they are brilliant as always.

fyi for people from england and wales. There are some regulations about selling scrap metal you need to worry about. Might be safer to use all the metal bar in building projects or slip it into domestic recycling.

@persephone often if you blatantly wear a fluorescent warning vest people will assume you are from some maintenance department (rather than a random vandal) and are *supposed* to be removing the metal bars from the bench, and its not suspicious to carry allen keys if you ride a bicycle or drive a car (as many bolts on either use them)

@persephone don't forget to wear a high visibility vest so no one is suspicious

@persephone once they putt a fence on a trail i walk so i smashed it

other time they put another anв tied it with barb wire so i took cutters and removed it

trespassers 4 life

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