this blew up so all i gotta say is fuck cops uplift bipoc and donate to trusted organizations to support palestine πŸ’—

Sorry, but this is a Twitter-Style hot take. Are there any studies that show this? I could think of a million reasons why cops are quitting. Why didn't calling them "pigs" work over the last decades?

@maltimore yeah the op is pro-cop and meant this as a bad thing. i just thought it was funny, i don't actually think the increase in cops resigning is solely because of ppl calling them pigs :'3

@persephone ah ok if this was written by a pro-cop, it reads very differently πŸ˜‚ not sure that makes it more accurate, but definitely funnier

I wonder about what effects it could have, if those cops that resign are given a helping hand to do [.....] on their way out.

[....] = I don't know what that would be, but there should be enough options to them.

@persephone @codebabe :blobshock:​ Well, well; if it isn't the consequences of their actions!

@persephone good... Some... Maybe many.... Were in it for the wrong reasons

@persephone see you when they will start to recruit among fascists. because now, your question should be "who is gonna replace them?"

@loweel bold of u to assume they werent recruiting fascists since the very beginning /j


if they were, you won’t be able to speak today.

@persephone ...and maybe some of them are quitting because they realized "oh crap, we kind of are, aren't we".

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