Here is a brief introduction thread to Loona, and their lore. So if you've been interested in diving into Loona, this thread is for you! πŸŒ™

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Loona (Korean: μ΄λ‹¬μ˜ μ†Œλ…€; translation: "Girl of the Month") is a 12 member girl group under Blockberry Creative. Unlike most groups, Loona underwent a unique pre-debut project, in which the members were revealed over 18 months, each with their own solo album. During this pre-debut period 3 subunits were also formed, each with their own mini albums, giving them a grand total of 44 pre-debut songs. They finally debuted as a full group in 2018 with the album [++].

Loona has also built a complicated story and universe (called the Loonaverse) through their music videos, special clips, official websites and various texts. The information and clues given to us is purposefully left vague to leave room for endless fan theories and speculation, similar to an ARG. In the members introductions I'll mention their representative animals and colors, as well as their debut order, and the subunits they're in, because it's important to know for lore purposes.

The first girl to be introduced is Heejin, who debuted with the solo Vivid. Her location is Paris, her color is bright pink, her animal is a rabbit, and she belongs to the subunit Loona 1/3.

Hyunjin is the second girl to debut, she debuted with her solo Around You. Her location is Tokyo, her color is yellow, her animal is a cat, and she belongs to the subunit Loona 1/3.

The third girl to debut is Haseul, with her solo Let Me In. Her location is ReykjavΓ­k, her color is green, her animal is a white bird, and she belongs to the subunit Loona 1/3.

The fourth girl, and youngest member, Yeojin, debuted with her solo Kiss Later. Her location is Taiwan, her color is orange, her animal is a frog, and her subunit is Loona 1/3.

The fifth girl and oldest member, Vivi, debuted with her solo Everyday I Love You. Her location is Hong Kong, her color is pastel pink, her animal is a deer, and her subunit is Loona 1/3. Her music video features all the members of Loona 1/3, and her b-side features member Jinsoul.

The first subunit, Loona 1/3, consists of members Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, and Vivi. The debuted with the EP Love & Live. In the lore, the members of 1/3 live on earth, and are normal human girls, except Vivi, who is an android. You'll also notice that Yeojin never appears in their MVs, because she is "lost in a forest", which is an important part of the lore, not just in regards to Loona 1/3.

After Loona 1/3 ends promotions, the sixth girl, Kim Lip, is revealed. The members who debut from here on out no longer have locations, for lore reasons which will become obvious later. She debuted with her solo Eclipse. Her color is red, her animal is an owl, and her subunit is Odd Eye Circle.

The seventh girl to be revealed is Jinsoul, who debuted with her solo Singing In The Rain. Her color is blue, her animal is a betta fish, and her subunit is Odd Eye Circle.

The eighth girl to be revealed is Choerry, who debuted with her solo Love Cherry Motion. Her color is purple, her animal is a fruit bat, and her subunit is Odd Eye Circle.

The second subunit is Odd Eye Circle, which consists of members Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry. They debuted with the title track Girl Front. In watching their MVs you'll notice that each member has an "odd eye" which grants them powers. It is hinted that Kim Lip and Jinsoul are from a different realm entirely, while Choerry, a seemingly normal girl, has the ability to traverse between realms. In the MVs the members also seem to be searching for something...or someone?

Odd Eye Circle ends promotions, and the ninth girl to be revealed is Yves, who debuts with her solo New. Her color is burgundy, her animal is a swan, her fruit is an apple, and her subunit is YYXY. Her music video features members Vivi and Choerry.

The tenth girl to be revealed is Chuu, who debuted with her solo Heart Attack. Her color is peach, her animal is a penguin, her fruit is a strawberry, and her subunit is YYXY. Her music video features Yves, who Chuu is desperately in love with.

The eleventh girl to be revealed is Gowon, who debuted with One & Only. Her color is eden green, her animal is a butterfly, her fruit is a pineapple, and her subunit is YYXY. Her music video features Yves and Chuu, and for a brief moment, the shadow of another girl...

The twelfth, and final girl to be revealed, is Olivia Hye, who debuted with Egoist. Her colors are silver/black, her animal is a wolf, her fruit is a blood plum, and her subunit is YYXY. Her music video features member Jinsoul.

The final subunit to debut is YYXY, consisting of members Yves, Chuu, Gowon, and Olivia Hye. They debuted with the title track Love4eva which features Grimes. In the lore, these girls are no ordinary humans, and reside in Eden. Together, members Yves, Chuu, and Gowon choose to the eat the forbidden fruit and leave Olivia Hye in Eden.

And finally, with all members revealed, Loona debuts with the title track Hi High. In the music video, all members finally gather together. Odd Eye Circle completes their mission of collecting the other members, Yeojin is rescued from the forest and Olivia Hye takes the leap from Eden. But the story is far from over :]

This has been a brief introduction to Loona, thanks for putting up with the loona spam! I barely scratched the surface of Loona's deep lore. If you'd like the know more about the Loonaverse I recommend checking out Twinfish's theory videos. If you want to know more about Loona as a group, check out the video "The Avengers of Kpop", corny name, but its well put together and reads like a documentary.

And i'd also recommend watching all the mvs and teasers in order, so heres a playlist if you wanna do so !!

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