@persephone i always think about this tumblr post where a teacher was showing girls that bugs don't have to be feared or hated, and once they were told that they opened up more to playing around with worms and spiders on some school trip or whatever. i mean the context is a bit different since i think that was more about femininity and ingrained/learnt disgust towards inherently non gross things like insects, but i think it's still worth mentioning here. i'm trying to be less scared of bugs and while it's difficult for many reasons it gets easier when you just... let yourself think they're cool and not be afraid of them? idk how to put it. but TLDR this post rules seph πŸ’–


@melodicake no cuz this is so true !!! i actually used to be deathly afraid of spiders until i started reading about them, like when i learned that spiders hardly ever bite people and most spider bites can be attributed to things like fleas instead, i kinda realized i was being silly because never once has a spider bothered me other than just like existing in my room. and this was the post that convinced me to start learning abt them :) vintar.tumblr.com/post/1772255

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