resident evil village spoilers 

yoooo is his daughter actually dead ??

the new song is a trip....idk if i like it or not

@georgespolitzer im sooo behind on it i saw a thread that said it was entering the final act and i was like WHAT

help a black trans man!

"I am reaching out and asking for a helping hand. I am trying to raise money with help to obtaining my first car. I am slowly but surely progressing in the right direction to better my future. Being able to purchase a car will add such beneficial impact for me and where I'm trying to get in life. Any and all help would be appreciated whether it be just passing this on or any type of donation. Thank you and let's see where this goes!!"

i feel like a broken record but it rly is amazing how well i feel now with the adhd meds. like before i would be bored out of mind bcuz i didnt have the motivation to do anything but now i feel like theres not enough time in the day to do all the things i wanna do

heres to hoping i can increase the amount of reading i do every day and finish 100 more books some day :]

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realized that i didn't even notice i hit the 100 books mark on my storygraph πŸŽ‰

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