ive been up for liek 20 hours and yet i dont feel like sleeping

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looking at pictures of sexy bees for chaste reasons (non-horny) ((not sexual))

i could look at water in minecraft with shaders on for like..ever

my icon is now anzu cuz anzu no uta slaps

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The best part about being gay is that your wardrobe doubles >:)

should i...

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remade the monnie playlist, will make a youtube mirror soonish, felt like the other one was losing its “theme” so hope this one is better

@heart the best combi for trophy atm is timekeeper cookie and sea fairy cookie i think !!

wanting to rt garlic positivity posts but my vampiric instincts wont allow it

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asking for financial help for basic living expenses, sorry for long post 

Hey friends, I hope you're all doing as well as 2020 allows.

I'm afraid I have to ask for help. @goblins and I are in dire straits (dire gays?) and we need to put the begging bowl out again.

For those who don't know us well, we are a poor, disabled trans couple. Rune started a degree-level course back in September, in an attempt to improve our situation, and in the UK that means getting student loans to cover the cost of the course and for living expenses. Previously, we had been on benefits.

We knew that we were going to lose some of benefit income, but we didn't realise that it would be the vast majority of it. As of November, over £1000 per month has been cut, leaving us around £150 per month. The student loans (which will have to be paid back) should cover most of the shortfall, but we'd already had to spend a large chunk on books, equipment and travel.

The result is that, while we were able to cover everything for November, we have no money for living costs in December. We're trying to raise £1000 to cover what we've lost and are currently about a quarter of the way to that goal.

I know this is a tough time for a lot of people with the pandemic and an expensive time of year at the best of times, but if you could boost this toot and maybe donate what you can afford, we would really appreciate it.

You can also contact Rune for art commissions and I'm currently looking for freelance games journalism work. All of Rune's commission info is on their profile. We can be reached by DM.

Thanks for reading all this! xxx

tl;dr: Please help us keep a roof over our heads and food in our tummies this holiday season!


LT yes im still thinking about the loona mafia vid

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honestly all the heechuuwon moments from the mafia dance game are pure gold

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i dont understand why so many people consider Play-Doh a great philosopher. Tastes like shit

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