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altho i look like a stoned mess 😭 i just woke up my outfit and hair are gross

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Ramadan Mubarak! 🎊

To all those celebrating, I wish you a peaceful and happy Ramadan! #ramadanmubarak πŸŒ›

the way biden is so nonchalant talking about the death of a human being but immediately gets serious when talking about looting is so fucken gross

Racism, colonialism and war are fundamentally linked. It's no accident that open anti-Muslim Bigotry ballooned in the lead-up to the Iraq War, and the new enemy of China coincides with spiking anti-Asian racism.

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how someone could possibly be attracted to kylo ren i will never understand

doing @veronica kpop meme !! (put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that come up)

1 / like i do - elris
2 / shut up! - nature
3 / 12 o clock - pinkfantasy shy
4 / paeonia - busters
5 / oh! my mistake - april
6 / really really - cherry bullet
7 / see saw - loona
8 / night aviation - gwsn
9 / help me - brave girls
10 / don't touch - wjsn

kpop meme for kpop followers: put your music collection on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that come up!!

and maybe tag someone? idk i copied this from tumblr but tagging people in this kind of thing on mastodon feels like a different vibe than tumblr

if anyone has any spare money, a group of indigenous people in new zealand are trying to raise money to buy back a plot of land that was stolen from them

itzy: i send a the calzone into space!! i dont pay a the taxes!! ohhh!!

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theres no way italians are actually getting mad at itzy using mafia in their new title track and comparing it to using slurs they have to be trolls

hopefully next time i go ill get to take pics of the newborn babies and show yall :]

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im getting back into 4-H again, but this time with alpacas !!! i went yesterday and did some work and learning on the farm, it was cold but fun !! 2 of the alpacas were actually going into labor while i was there (due to an unfortunate gate left open accident)

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