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today was first outside joint of the season

i am so fuckin high

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i got too high, filed my taxes, and made a delicious tuna salad sandwich

and, uh, everything checks out fine


so there we are

nuker stops converting electronical power to radiotronic power, the coilyboi gets bored, the swingy clonger hits the dongy bit, and there's warm food ready to eat

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i realize there's a lot of terms of art in there, so perhaps i can clarify a bit with a drawing

simply put, we insert a coilyboi in the wiring path to the nuker

and then we have a swingy clonger

and a dongy bit

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so electrons moving through zappy-snakes make magnet waves

and these magnet waves will attract things that are ferrous[2]

if i recall correctly; honestly i'm just a software engineer with a knack for firmware[3] and i may be wrong. that's why this needs thought


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