this product is compliant under the 2016 farm bill. industrial hemp is not marijuana.

image CW: industrial hemp


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i realize there's a lot of terms of art in there, so perhaps i can clarify a bit with a drawing

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:ms_weed: , selfie, eye contact, dangerous queer energy 

NYE, cannabis 

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selfies, eye contact, devils lettuce 

Hanging out the front door of a Brooklyn apartment building, in my pajamas, vaping some grape god, watching the world go by. The temperature is -6 with a 20 km/h wind.

Pic cw: selfie

food, cannabis 

hmmm i haven't opened the kief trap in my grinder since i got it

*takes a look*


i broke one of my decorative flower vases, quote unquote, last night

it was sad, but everything will be okay

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