tried a new strain that made me gain 2kg in less than a week -_- (hope this doesn't reawaken my ED i will die) and made it so hard to sleep i like sativas but this is too much lol

well that's a big cone. i did molly with a guy on a suspended prison sentence for shooting someone it was a fun weekend i guess

LOLL im on molly tried to get a vid of my eyes doing weird shit n i clenched my jaw so hard u can hear my tooth fucking break on vudeo (being all alone on mdma is fun but it's making me post stupid shit everywhere i wish i were w my freinds

oooooh i got an ulcer from doing mdma on an empty stomach & i have to get checked for hepatitis epic win *throws up*

I DONT HAVE CANNABINOID HYPEREMESIS SYBDROME (lying) (nauseous) (didnt go to work this morning too busy throwing up)

nouveau jeu: prochaine fois que je prend de la md avec des potes on bois que de l'hepar au lieu de boire de l'eau normale et le premier qui se chie dessus a perdu

i think I may have gotten IBS from using meth orally i can't fucking believe this no one told me i could get poop & tummy ache disorder from drugs im gonna kms

it's so funny and also a bit sad i do so many drugs sometimes i take something and im waiting for it to hit and i forget what drug i just took and im like trying to figure out what kind of effects are gonna come up like wait was that an edible or meth or pills or what. sometimes im impatiently waiting for something's effects to hit and then i remember i havent taken anything

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