i used to read whole trip reports of random guys doing insane amounts of hard drugs and i always thought it was really fucked up but now i realize im the random guy doing insane amounts of drugs, and if you ask me, thats fucked up. but not as fucked up as those other random guys tho. because im better than them & if i overdosed i would just die. u wont get it tho thats bc im also extremely stupid and have no impulse control. hope this helps

3fluoromethamphetamine will be like "are you gonna eat this dopamine?" and not wait for an answer. reading some articles on 3fma neurotoxicity im like ohh yeah! i get those symptoms. they have only been observed in drugged up mice well im the biggest rat on this planet and im full of toxic chemicals. you can trap me by attracting me with cheese, hard drugs or plain expired yogurt. careful i bite

the friend ive been doing 3fma with since yesterday felt sick so im on my own now btw so thats why im posting so much. no one to talk to abt my funny chemical brain experiments :( and i dont want to bother my friends spamming them with nonsense. funny: my hands and feet are moving on their own my hands are doing weird circles in the air

might end up with 300mg inside my brain & blood but that would mean aproximately 72h without sleep & i dont want to get a stomach burn again. also that could be dangerous so we'll see depending on how i feel later tonight but anyway sinced i dropped a cap again 3h ago i'd have to wait a loonng time before i can (maybe) safely take a benzo and hope to sleep... i have to watch out for any od symptoms my brother is visiting tomorrow i dont want him to find me dead that would be fucked up i think

OH this is fine i guess..i guess? ive been convinced the whole time the max dose is like 300mg so ive just been taking pills whenever i feel like it for the past 24h but ive had worse side effects with only 60mg in a night. in this house we're compulsively redosing. put some milligrams in that bad boy they go through the stomach & then to the brain thats just how it works. sleep deprivation makes some cool visual hallucinations & eat a yoghurt to keep the stomach from hurting. thats all

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pro tip: if you dont stop redropping theres no comedown AND you also get cool new skin colors like purple and black. what if i told you you could discover a whole new world of memory loss and vivid hallucinations. and heart pain also maybe. at least im keeping track of my intakes so like risk reduction is basically my bestie

170mg and 12h in i feel like the moment the effects wear off i'll be in for maybe one of my worst comedown yet!! epic

also theres so many people telling me to "just buy a pacifier" for my jaw issues but like this isnt standard jaw clenching/teeth grinding were talking about here! if im on any kind of stimulant you can be sure i'll be fucking dislocating my jaw!!! its like swinging from side to side (creeper aww man so we back in the mine etc) and it makes weird wounds in my cheeks. no pacifier will solve that also have u seen the cost of these things? unbelievable

if i get a stomach burn bc of amphetamines again or something lik internal bleeding im going to be soo mad like what the fuck were the yoghurts for then. bitch. also i hope the magnesium will work im tired of waking up the next day with my cheeks swelled up bc i chewed on them like an idiot. @ my jaw: keep still you bastard

3fma again tonight but this time im prepared... ive been taking a bunch of magnesium supplements (for jaw clenching) and i bought somthing to prevent stomach burns and im eating SO MUCH yoghurt its supposed to help with stomach burns too

oh i found out i can order dxm from online belgian pharmacies bc its sold without prescription there... tempting but i wont bc they only sell it in syrup form and u know...........................; dxm syrup is the shit & fart & vomit drug

also yes i order all my drugs online bc im too shy & paranoid to buy them from an actual dealer so i do 1cplsd and 1plsd instead of lsd25 and i do cathinones instead of like. speed or coke or whatever stimulants normal people do idk. we exist love is love etc. ik i could buy "actual" drugs on dwms but its so much easier to buy rcs from clearnet websites so i only order weed on the dw

god i wish i could do psychedelics without my brain shitting itself into the biggest psychosis diarrhea the world has ever known. last time was in december 2020 i did 1cp-lsd and i accidentally took too much (thought the tab was 100ug but it was much, much stronger) and i had a 8h long bad trip then my boyfriend had to threaten to call the hospital for me to take a benzo to stop the effects & then after the effects wore off my brain went full psychosis mode and it sucked so bad :(

if you dont do so much cathinones your eyes roll back every time you blink and your hands & feet become purple and black and you get drug induced psychosis & hallucinations did you really have a good night. that is the question

im out of weed -_- cant wait for 3fma tomorrow if i dont get to take a dangerous amount of amphetamines im going to throw up and go insane

i love shitty stimulant RCs bc when i take them i feel high & happy & normal and then when the effects wear off i feel completely and absolutely insane for 2 weeks straight and then i calm down. im doing 3fma this weekend & given the psychological state ive been in lately i KNOW its either going to end up with a psychotic episode or just straight upbrain damage πŸ˜‘

got too high yesterday & there was fireworks and loud music outside & i thought they were explosion noise & i started panicking so i checked the news to see if ww3 had started or something like that. anyway hi


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