Everyday is just a little bit further away.

I finally got something working that I've been plugging at for a while at my company. I'm so tired. I just need to get this demo in. I'm so fucking sick of it all these days. I don't know why I moved here. I don't know what I'm doing. I just hate everyone and everything.

Maybe I should go to church.

Don't mistake love for warning shots across the bow

Moonrocks: rolling dab wax into buds rolled in cheif.

My photos rotate as my wallpaper. Sometimes my ex comes up. God I can't believe I fucked something that ugly.

Got the new desk assembled with the dual monitor arms. I should have all the other parts in by Wednesday. Setup is going to be baller.

Got my desk setup. Still so much to unpack. At least I have access to my porn/nas now.

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I feel like the term "nonhierarchical" is used to describe positive attributes of systems in many contexts (political, software of different kinds etc) however as a term it doesn't say anything about the workings of these systems other than that they aren't hierarchical.

What terms do you know of that describe nonhierarchical systems (in ANY context, seriously I am interested in the ones I am not even considering like fungi or something) in more illuminating and precise terms?

I think back to parties I went to in college ... and I don't remember any of the actual conversations we had

You know what goes well with weed? Sinead O'connor

I'll be glad when I'm out of weed. It makes me too paranoid. I've had one beer since November.

There is so much to do today, and I'm so incredibly tired

I had a dream, we were drinking Whiskey Neat, top floor of the Ballery
Wasn't high enough

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