ugh ... not going to shower .. first thing in the morning .. can I get this fucking one thing done?

The universe is not a friendly place. It is cold.

I need to get some work done today. Ugh

I think I found my flat. The one I saw today didn't beat it. It was a bit bigger, but not worth the price. I'm gonna see about the first place tomorrow. I hope I get it. I hope I don't get dick and die before I can move to the new place.

So .. I was not going to get high today. I was going to at least get some shit done, before I got high today. All I've done is look at one apartment. I think I know which one I want to apply for ... I need to start packing at least one box .. god damn it .. fuck it... :ms_weed:

I'm smoking some of the left over dab wax that's congealed on my dabber ... belch .. I should put that in the dish washer

It's 8C. I should go outside today .. maybe take a joint to smoke.

I should get some work done today .. other than cloning this repo.

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I made it to 2pm today ... time to get high? Oh yes .. yes it is ... it's 5C outside too. I should take a walk in the park ... far away from other people ... maybe I'll even roll a joint.

Tina Belcher puts on her bra one boob at a time, just like any other woman.

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It's kinda lonely out on this instance. Maybe I should make some friends.

am I the only active person on here? I feel like it's me and the robot.

God I've been high this whole fucking weekend.

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My mech has a unicorn printed on the side and is named "EAT MY RAINBOW"

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