Man, I really should have got some word done before I got high. I went out to my old roommate's place to pick up and old server that's been sitting there for years. He asked if I wanted to buy his condo. Apparently he's getting married next year and is thinking of buying a house.

I hope Joe Rogan stays the same. I will miss you on my RSS feed

God I'm tired of just about everything right now.

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plans? where we're going, we don't need plans

*presses finger to ear* I have just been informed that we do, in fact,, need plans

I break quarantine about once a week to see my best friends. Tonight I got high with one of them. I rolled two joints and he rolled a blunt.

I hope this ends soon.

Ugh .. I overwrite that file that wasn't in version control yet, after I made all those changes and closed all those tabs. Fuck it... I don't really want to publish this post anyway. Man, what a waste of time that was.

Man there was so much I really needed to do. Why did I take that edible?

she bought me a drink, we heard the band, she talked about jumping off a bridge, then she started to punch me, I walked her home .. I had my bike. We went in and ended up fucking. Next morning she tells me I have to leave before her son comes home from his camping trip. ... I lost my glove outside the bar. I still have the other one.

I need to not get high after work today; got packing to do. At least I'm more motivated at work right now.

ugh ... not going to shower .. first thing in the morning .. can I get this fucking one thing done?

The universe is not a friendly place. It is cold.

I need to get some work done today. Ugh

I think I found my flat. The one I saw today didn't beat it. It was a bit bigger, but not worth the price. I'm gonna see about the first place tomorrow. I hope I get it. I hope I don't get dick and die before I can move to the new place.

So .. I was not going to get high today. I was going to at least get some shit done, before I got high today. All I've done is look at one apartment. I think I know which one I want to apply for ... I need to start packing at least one box .. god damn it .. fuck it... :ms_weed:

I'm smoking some of the left over dab wax that's congealed on my dabber ... belch .. I should put that in the dish washer

It's 8C. I should go outside today .. maybe take a joint to smoke.

I should get some work done today .. other than cloning this repo.

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