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I'm a degenerate, but I can do what needs to be done...

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I had a lot of plans to do stuff before I got high ... but then I got high .. got some of it done.

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now it’s time to draw furry art and eat breakfast for an hour

That salad did not satisfy me at all 🥗

I wasn't going to smoke today, but I just got home, I'm hungry, I'm tried and I hate humanity. Time to do a dab.

I really gotta stop getting high all weekend. Man, what am I doing?

Dystopian Swedish Countryside by Simon Stålenhag

Gotta get high all the time to keep you off my mind...

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Sure it's a leap year, I get that. But what I want to know is how high can it leap

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It's done.

I pour a 40 of shitty malt liquor out in my murder basement to mourn the loss of

I just tagged everyone I could think of that made my time on niu great, I apologize if I missed anyone.

I love all of you cuties and fedi at large.


@Miaourt @esheep @Ste1lar @prismatica

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On the morning of Feb 24 the OPP raided the rail blockade in Tyendinaga Mohawk territory. In the wake of the raid, new barricades have gone up, but more solidarity is urgently required.

#WetsuwetenStrong #Tyendinaga #ShutDownCanada

I got so distracted I forgot to get high immediately after I got home. Don't worry, it was quickly remedied

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I really need to go to bed but here's a first pass at the interface. It currently doesn't do much more than create an offline archive of everything you've posted, but tomorrow I'll add some controls for filtering/search, as well as visualising threads, etc.

I'm almost out of this stuff. I should get a better dab nail.

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