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Hi! I just moved here (Thanks for letting me in @highness). Looking forward to use this account to post/boost some links/media, which you might find visually pleasing. (plus occasional toots)

I will need some time to move finally in.. but looking forward to meet you all!

Idea: What if a spectrogram of music was wound up in a spiral, so that each turn was exactly 1 octave and all the other intervals were also at predefined angles? I think it looks pretty interesting! Especially how all the harmonics overlap when a consonant chord is being sung. Glissando (gliding notes) looks also fun and you can almost read the different parts of the choral harmony.

Appraoching thunderstorm came out nicely in post-editing. First one is single shot, second image panorama of 8 images stitched together in #PTgui (cylindrical mercator).

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We really, reaaaaally need a #GIF database that is not owned by #Facebook / #Meta (owns #Giphy) or #Google (owns #Tenor). Or am I missing possible alternatives? 🤔

#degoogle #ungoogle #decentralize

It seams like today is the perfect day to do some LSD. 🫠

:cannabis: :cannabis: :cannabis: 

Mastodon needs more nug porn.
Twisted Tangerine (H)

you also like weird electronic music?

Let's play a simple game:
Just answer with a link to a track you find a good fit for a previous track in this thread.

Lets discover some music together and lets do some back2back recommendations! See you in the replies!

I start with this piece:

Eprom - The Cat

#weekend #music #discovery #Boost #please

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