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: ashe. 30s. ๐Ÿฆ‚ sun. i just made an new account after kind of dragging my feet leaving birdsite. my pronouns are they / them or xi / xem.

i love jrpgs, art, fashion, visual novels and reading more than one book at a time. i am a poet and love reading tarot.

i used to be on & as @priestess

i miss dbz abridged so much. maybe i'll rewatch it again.

junior senior was a fuckin moment and i don't understand why when i'm listening to mixes from the early 2000s that like ' move your feet ' or ' can i get get get ' are never included?

' move your feet ' was absolutely huge and whoever is makin this shit is fuckin' up BAD

don't worry bulma, i would've fucked yamcha too

i asked my deck where i am on my journey last nite and i drew arcana xiii | death. a perfect pull for a scorpio.

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i found another instance i liked. i think i'm going to use this one to maybe be a mirror to birdsite ( which i'm no longer using ).

tarot stuff, anime talk, and general musing about games with a little bit of high posting thrown in sometimes.

card of the day | knight of wands ๐Ÿ”ฅ - today is a day for adventure. this isn't the time to stick to the usual haunts. do something out of the ordinary and broaden your horizons!~

i saw my substance abuse counselor today and we mainly just talked about and .

i haven't really been playing anything besides ffxvi and critters for sale & it's been a few weeks.

i've been too tired and too busy talking to friends to really play anything. hopefully this weekend will change that โœจ

i've been doing a lot of socializing lately. i may have to take some time to recuperate.

drug mention 

my back is really fucked today. i took some ibuprofen but i still feel the pain. i even took some resin hits and that helped a little but i still kinda wanna lay down and sleep this off.

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