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be nice and high

no spam, harassment, hate, hate speech, or even mildly antagonizing behavior. it's a place for everyone to feel safe and enjoy their time.

nothing illegal in your country or France. trading drugs is explicitly forbidden here, it's not a marketplace. talking about drugs isn't illicit, and we'll make sure to stay within those bounds.

the local timeline is supposed to be like r/woahdude. content quality won't be moderated nearly as strongly; but we want it to stay a pleasing and safe source of diverse content.

use content warnings extensively. because of the expected audience and everyone's sensitivities, content warnings are a useful tool to let people filter content easily. we recommend adding one to anything negative or commonly scary, or that would be considered a source of "bad vibes". (in public timelines at least)

we're here for nice things and we'll apply rules with this in mind. if you break a rule because you were too high to realize it, we'll be forgiving and understanding. if you break rules because you enjoy hurting people, we don't want you here. we will also silence instances or people from other instances that are too often breaking our rules.